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At age 4, I began studying musical theory and practicing Classical Piano. Within a few years, I was a sheet reading Pianist performing music in competitions and recitals by renowned Composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and Scott Joplin to name a few... In High School, I commenced to rhyme, write, and record songs with Bryant "Pep" Johnson (Producer of Eminem/D12/Snoop Dogg/Boyz 2 Men)... In 2003, I achieved a college Certification from Specs Howard School of Media Arts alumni no.1 with a 4.0 GPA in Radio/Video Broadcasting... In 2006, I relocated from Detroit, MI to Brooklyn, NY to pursue a major recording deal. And in less than 2 months I was in Manhattan interviewing face-to-face with Dara McIntosh at Atlantic Records. She replied that my music demo was hot, and requested for me to return in a week with more material. 
I was ecstatic!... Howbeit...within that one week the Lord unmistakably intervened from Heaven in a mighty way, and I could not peacefully proceed in that direction. I discerned that the 'selling of my soul' to the point of no return was imminent!... Amazingly, I immediately ceased from creating worldly music, destroyed all of my music masters, and started over from scratch making Scrip Hop Music


Growing up with aspirations of joining the “family business” of hustling the streets, Dontae now has a mission to Win, Equip, and Send to the Trenches those whom God has chosen him to disciple. Although he does not consider himself an artist, Dontae says, “I feel as if I’ve been chosen to provide music that is testimonial to those who wouldn’t normally listen to Christian rap.” Born Dontae McFarland in 1977, Dontae’s birthplace is St. Louis, Missouri.,With over 18 years of living his life out loud with Christ, today Dontae serves as the Director of the Westsiders Urban Outreach Ministry and one of many ministers on the Hog Mob roster. Truly God has moved upon the life of  Dontae 


Kimberly Rice was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She attended Detroit Public Schools. She began taking dance classes at Loving Elementary School in 3rd grade. She started writing music (r&b, rap, and love songs) in elementary school and as a child she sang with the Ethereal Choir, and the B-Still Ensemble at People's Community Church when she was a teenager. At the age of 16 she was baptized and things began to turn around in her life.

Calvin Cofield was born and raised in Detroit, MI and later his parents moved he and the family to Redford, MI where he attended Redford Thurston High School. He is a writer, producer, director, arranger, filmmaker, and fashion designer. He wrote his first song during his early childhood when Essie, his mother's hair designer, who also inspired him passed away.


Gregory "The Minista" Todd, is a Writer, Rapper, Producer, Radio Host, Author, Pastor and entreprenuer, as well as a dedicated husband and father of 2. Gregory Todd a Georgia Native who Currently Resides In Atlanta has ministered and performed before thousands of people during his career as a music artist, and amazingly at nearly 50 years of age is showing no apparent signs of slowing down, according to Gregory Who's also widely recognized by his fans as "The Minista "He's just Getting Started



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