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Pure Faith Outreach Ministries Proudly presents to you The "C4 Project"  Our Church Community Christian Center, The Vision, Mission and Purpose of this Christian Center will be to focus on the Smaller church congregations throughout our communities, giving them a standard spirit filled, anointed location to provide their Praise and Worship Service each week.  Our Goal will be to pull these smaller churches out of places like Basements, School Gyms, and Homes and provide a platform and venue to them. This will allow us the opportunity to schedule, come together and spread the Good News of God's Gospel to people around the world. Each Church will have scheduled times set aside for their weekly Praise & Worship service, Bible Study, Choir Rehearsals and Church Meetings. These facilities will also provide an official office address and office location for the Pastors, which will include a large General conference room area. The Facility will also be fully equipped with state of the art sound equipment, drums, keyboards, piano, microphones, an organ etc. In addition to all of this The GMAP Broadcast Network will be providing our Gospel Internet "Live" Streaming Radio/TV Broadcast Network Service {in short, we will be Streaming each service "Live" to over a Million Viewers & Listeners from around The World}. 

*This is what we call truly bringing together the Body of Christ, making Disciples while reaching out to God's people in every corner of the world.

The agreement with each church ministry will be on a month to month basis, until God has made a way for that Church Ministry to move forward, hopefully into their own facility. We will try to assist as many smaller churches as we can within reason. With this in mind we can see this Vision growing into a chain reaction placing additional Church Community Christian Centers in other cities, states and even countries around the world.

For More Information Please Contact:  Pure Faith Outreach Ministries, NDOC

   P.O. Box 41, Waukegan, IL. 60079  Phone: 224-795-7059   

email: pfomoc@yahoo.com

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Switch Lanes

Switch Lanes is a group of diverse individuals who are dedicated and determined to understand what transpires amongst various demographics (i.e. Homeless, elderly, gang organizations, etc.) We are here to inspire the community not only verbally, but also give them  access to resources and provide them with real life examples of people who have switched lanes in their lives.




 The House of David Ministries, Inc.

Founded in December 2016 as a 501(c)3 exempt organization. One primary purpose of this ministry is to “Fight Poverty Through Education.”The only way poverty can be eliminated is if we join together for the good of mankind; the educated helping the uneducated, the rich helping the poor, and the strong lending a hand to the weak.

Please visit our website and show your support https://houseofdavidinc.org/

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