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You can endure

Hebrews 12-part 1 of 2

When reading the very first scripture of this chapter has anyone ever thought or asked the question; “what is or better, who are a greater cloud of witness?” Well for that answer you will have to rely on the Holy Spirit to remind you or you will have to do some bible research. Most people skip over this important scripture that I will share with you. The cloud of witness is…


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Come on in the Blood is better than fine

Hebrews 10

Over the years we have been hearing that doing the same thing and getting the same partial or negative results is insane. What may have worked or may seem to work is only a shadow of what actually and accurately works. The law at one time was all mankind had and it was only a shadow of what actually and accurately works. It was extremely difficult for man to adhere to the law then and it’s far difficult today to…


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The Blood and sin

Hebrews 9

No one likes to be labeled ignorant; yet, mankind does things because of ignorance. JESUS said from the cross; “FATHER, forgive them; for they do not know what they do.” Luke 23:34

Today, nothing has changed and nothing will have changed tomorrow; mankind will continue to do what they don’t realize they are doing due to the blindness,…


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The G Factor Network series Part 4 Transform Your life with Brothers of Faith


Click on Photo…


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Bye bye old, hello new

Hebrews 8

Why is it such a challenge for us to send the old on its way and accept and enjoy the new? For me I'm a creature of habit; I don’t like change but the change I don’t like is change that to me seems so unnecessary. Change like transistor radios for big boom boxes; being taught to call certain items one thing and now folk want to correct you and lastly but certainly not least on my list of things is; vinyl records…


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Melchizedek and JESUS

Hebrew 7

These two bookends are a wonderful match. Today I would like to try and show you the mirror reflection of these two men. As this is done another question that so many continue to ask in controversy; just may be answered.

Melchizedek - king of righteousness

JESUS – is our…


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Grow Up

Hebrews 6

If it takes 18-21 years for us to be recognized as adults, grownups or mature (accountable). Why is it that there are so many sitting in the church pews still suckling? There are times in our walk with JESUS that we are being fed pure sincere milk only. This is when we first come to JESUS. However, there are so many in the body of CHRIST who are still…


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Do some of us still need an earthly High Priest

Hebrews 5

Being Catholic; I have a right to address this issue. There was a time when GOD appointed men to be High Priest; however, that was just a foreshadow of the Great High Priest to come. Earthly High Priest were sinful just as anyone else. They had to be in right standing  with GOD before they could proceed with their task. They too had to offer sacrifices for the forgiveness of…


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You need to rest

Hebrew 4

We have been given a promise; yet somehow we have taken on a belief that JESUS has given us a promise with HIS fingers crossed behind HIS back. I don’t know any other way to get this across. JESUS promised us that we are to enter HIS rest and the key word here is rest. What is your definition of rest? Is it to sleep; lie around and be lazy or to trust that everything is well…


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Hebrews 3

The High Priest of my confession is CHRIST JESUS. I don’t need a go between; I can go straight to HIM and tell HIM all and not feel guilty or ashamed. I can also tell HIM things like; today the weather is delicious for me. I'm going out for a walk; thanks for the weather. I know that HE loves hearing what bothers me and I know that HE loves hearing what makes me happy and…


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Is Salvation Worth Ignoring

Hebrews 2

Angels at one time spoke about the salvation of the LORD. That message has been the same and has been firmly established. Today we may use words such as pros and cons. The pro is that when we hear, accept, and believe by faith that JESUS is the SON of the Living GOD Most High; who came in the flesh. And we confess that HE is and believe that HE will return for those who belong to HIM; then we accept that HIS…


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Faith Without Works Is Dead

Do you NEED OR Do You WANT Ministerial Credentials? Get licensed and be under a ministry that has been inexistence for over 30 years with over 218,112 pastors, elders and ministers attending their events.  It is one of the fastest organizations of its kind in the world.

Categories For Ministerial Credentials:





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The G Factor Network series Part 2 Transform Your life with Brothers of Faith


Click on the Photo to hear Recording of the Live Talk Show The G Factor Network with Brothers of Faith, with special guest speaker Brother Elder Edwards.…


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The Lynk Show with Dj Bishop360

Click on Photo to hear the Show.

The Lynk show is aired Every Friday Night at 5:30pm Ct. Bringing the spiritual concept of Christian Music, Christian Rap, Rhythm and Praise more. Dj Bishop is one interesting…


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Transform Your Life series

When we think of transformation, many think of changing their attitude or changing their clothes, or even just changing what they do in life. But it is more then just that. One must realize the importances of changing all aspect of their inner and outer view of life itself.



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Transform Your Life Series

Dear GMAP Family;

It is our pleasure to bring you the joy and spiritual concept of The G Factor…


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