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Hello, my name is Shira Stallworth, also known as, “Lavish”. I am success! God has blessed me with wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to create successful programs for individuals that work! I am multi-talented. I come from a hard-working family that punched the clock every day to provide a safe home and living environment for my siblings and I. My family,values, and faith has led to much of my success today and thus far. I was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi. My mother worked as a Registered Nurse for one of the local hospitals and my father was a hard-working forklift driver for a labor company in town. I’ve always loved helping people, sharing, and caring for those who were less fortunate than I.


Growing up with aspirations of joining the “family business” of hustling the streets, Dontae now has a mission to Win, Equip, and Send to the Trenches those whom God has chosen him to disciple. Although he does not consider himself an artist, Dontae says, “I feel as if I’ve been chosen to provide music that is testimonial to those who wouldn’t normally listen to Christian rap.” Born Dontae McFarland in 1977, Dontae’s birthplace is St. Louis, Missouri.,With over 18 years of living his life out loud with Christ, today Dontae serves as the Director of the Westsiders Urban Outreach Ministry and one of many ministers on the Hog Mob roster. Truly God has moved upon the life of  Dontae 


Dwayne M. Culpepper aka Tha Corinth. Some music comes from other places but with the experience ad growth of such an artist music comes from the heart. With beginning music at age of six Dwayne Culpepper began writing music from other peoples songs, along with playing the flute. In which playing the flute was something he was never taught how to do it a talent that was just picked up. With residing in E. Saint Louis Illinios , the oldest of six, being raised off welfare, Dwayne really didn’t have much to rely on. After dinner every night Dwayne and his siblings would perform for their mother due to they had no TV to watch. Growing up Dwayne see allot of abuse & drugs, drinking etc. His mother Mary L. Culpepper now married wanted better for her son and relocated to Minnesota.


Aimee' has been on the gospel rap scene for the past seven years.  In 2011, she received an answer to a prayer from God in the form of rapping.  She never imagined or intended to be a rapper, but she knew that God releases gifts to us that we never even asked for! Aimee’s style is smooth but bold, with an uncanny delivery that grips the attention of audiences everywhere she goes. Her strong conviction of God's mighty strength and ability to save, set free, and deliver is evident through her lyrically fierce approach to reaching this generation. Although she's an independent artist, she puts no limitations on her music ministry, stating that, "I see my music as a tool used for kingdom expansion. I am not only looking to edify the ‘church world’ but being a witness of Jesus Christ to the ‘whole world’ is my mission as a true disciple.”


Kimberly Rice was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She attended Detroit Public Schools. She began taking dance classes at Loving Elementary School in 3rd grade. She started writing music (r&b, rap, and love songs) in elementary school and as a child she sang with the Ethereal Choir, and the B-Still Ensemble at People's Community Church when she was a teenager. At the age of 16 she was baptized and things began to turn around in her life.

Calvin Cofield was born and raised in Detroit, MI and later his parents moved he and the family to Redford, MI where he attended Redford Thurston High School. He is a writer, producer, director, arranger, filmmaker, and fashion designer. He wrote his first song during his early childhood when Essie, his mother's hair designer, who also inspired him passed away.


Gregory "The Minista" Todd, is a Writer, Rapper, Producer, Radio Host, Author, Pastor and entreprenuer, as well as a dedicated husband and father of 2. Gregory Todd a Georgia Native who Currently Resides In Atlanta has ministered and performed before thousands of people during his career as a music artist, and amazingly at nearly 50 years of age is showing no apparent signs of slowing down, according to Gregory Who's also widely recognized by his fans as "The Minista "He's just Getting Started



Formed by Karen Dotson, an 18 year crack addict delivered and saved by Christ back in 2002, this is a unique band of artists who have diverse tastes, come from different walks of life, and are between ages sixteen and sixty-one. As each person brings a special look into their life and how it is affecting them, while maintaining Christ as the foundation of their music, you will experience an awareness of the holy spirit and will be inspired to listen to the tracks time and time again. No Caption 3:16 is real life, real experience, real music, and an amalgamation between God and human sound that you have never heard before!


Born and rooted from the urban communities of Southeast San Diego located in Southern California. From living a fast Street life to being delivered and blessed with a second chance to live life again. Giving all glory to GOD. Eturnul has chose to live her life educating, encouraging and empowering others to live a positive Life Style. Influencing them towards a Godly lifestyle & relationship through music.
We asked her to describe her lifestyle and music in 3 words, she replied. “God Or Nothing”

“Apostle Thomas, the Sanktified Soulja”
Holy-Hip Hop , Gospel, Christian Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Author. 
Thomas L. Morrison; is a native of Seattle Washington, but he also lived in California (Compton, Watts and South Central).
While growing up he witnessed many levels of poor decision-making including Substance Abuse, Drug Dealing, Stealing and Robbing. 
Through his family members’ influential actions, he too developed a knack for some of the same kind of behaviors and took similar paths of self-destruction causing him to serve 4 different prison sentences. 
During those prison times is when Morrison wrote a great deal of his music which consisted of his hurts, pains, love for his family, his real-life struggles, mistakes, losses, and also the deep-seated love that he had for God


Amir Campbell is a Philadelphia-based modern-day renaissance creative. Known professionally as Amiracle, he was born and raised in West Philadelphia. He was often inspired by life events from his community and created paintings through words and art. The lack of resources in his community motivated him to become more astute to be a voice of the community.  
Amir, now known as Amiracle, coined his name from his premature birth and his return to life after his lung collapsed while being delivered.  “Everyday after that moment I have considered it A miracle.” Amiracle pproaches every work of music in regards to how his influence will effect the world's growth and development.


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