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March 2018

Greetings Kingdom Builders,


As we look at our world today, people are in search of answers to life’s mounting concerns and problems.

-          Communities are at war with one another.

-          Families are at odds with one another.

-          Individuals are struggling with identity, purpose and responsibility.

-          Our nation is one that is divided.


In all of these and many others not mentioned, one question still remains…..




-          Where is the voice of God in these trying times?

-          Where are the people of God to address these issues?

-          Why hasn’t the Church taken a Kingdom stance?

-          Is there any hope? Where is OUR FAITH??


We believe that there is an answer. There is a Word from God for today, and it lies within the people of God who are called by God for such a time as this. This is why it is time for…..




-          A time of seeking God’s face.

-          A time of prayer and meditation.

-          A time of sharing and discernment.

-          A time of vision and action.


We are calling on all Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, Elders, Evangelists, Ministers and Christian Community Leaders to join us in March 2018 (Actual dates and times TBD) for a three-day conference that will help us address some of the issues and concerns of our country from a Kingdom perspective.

It will consist of the following…..


-          Discussions on the role of the church in facing community issues.

-          Workshops on how to communicate the message of God to an ever changing society.

-          Opportunities for Churches to join together and support one another across denominational boundaries; to truly begin to operate based on Kingdom principles.


If you are interested in attending this conference, please contact; Pastor Timothy Walker at Timwalker92@gmail.com or Pastor Devin Miller at devinlmiller65@gmail.com .



Thank you for your interest. God bless!


Pastor Timothy Walker and Pastor Devi n Miller – Conference Chairpersons

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